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Top Chef Just Desserts Retiring

So I had fully planned on blogging about each episode of this Top Chef Just Desserts.  After finally watching episode 2, however, I changed my mind.  As much as I wanted to love the new Top Chef, I am disappointed in the emphasis on drama (ahem could Seth be more annoying?) over baking. 

I’ll continue to watch the season and add some commentary into regular posts if i think it is interesting enough.  Stay tuned, instead, for a new recipe tonight.

What do you think of the show?  Were you annoyed watching this week as well?

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Top Chef Just Desserts- Episode 1

I am a big fan of Top Chef in general, so when I found out about Top Chef Just Desserts, I was very excited.  Upon watching it tonight, I was even more happy to see who is and isn’t involved.


Gail Simmons as host – love it

No sign of the host from Top Chef Masters – love it more

Oh and the fact that they will be involving Hubert Keller, even better!


I won’t recap the show since you can find that elsewhere in the internet world.  However, I’ll give you some thoughts. 


On the first challenge – I had mixed feelings about the cupcake twist.  I don’t mind the twist mid-challenge, but turning the desserts into cupcakes seemed pretty cliché.  That guy who didn’t even try to make a cupcake, weak!


On the second challenge – what do i need to do to judge an event like this?  A challenge revolving around decadence and chocolate? I think that room might be my heaven.  At first I was disappointed that Morgan was in the bottom, but by the end of the show and after seeing preview’s for next week I really dislike him.  I felt bad about Danielle, because I really wanted to like her after reading Lynn’s interview, but she seemed a little reluctant to accept constructive criticism.  I’ll give her a chance to redeem herself, though.


As for the winner, I thought that Heather’s dark chocolate mousse torte looked great, but Zac’s “party in your mouth” dish looked right up my alley!  Seth’s desserts don’t really appeal to me (curry and basil in one show, eh) and he seems super cocky, but he definitely is unique and talented.


As for “Please pack your TOOLS and go,” we thought that was kind of weak.  Better ideas:

Please pack your spatulas and go.

Please unplug your mixer and go.

Please take your cake and go.


Did you watch Top Chef Just Desserts?  What did you think?  Did you also need some dark chocolate to snack on to prevent yourself from reaching into the TV screen?

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