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So today is a slightly mixed up birthday.  Unfortunately, last night we had a loss in the family.  I am so sad, but reminded once again how valuable each day is.  I am also reminded that life is too short, and because of that, we should never stop eating dessert:-)  I have a birthday-related baking post for later this weekend, but here are a few celebratory snapshots.

Gorgeous flowers sent by the Husband’s Grandma Estelle!

This is why I love my husband!

I woke up and was greeted with some very perfect presents.  Yes, I’d prefer food to jewelry sometimes;-)

Part of his gift turned into this:

And then this…

Kodiak Cakes topped with cinnamon, Nuttzo and a few drops of  sugar free syrup (don’t hurt me, I like it).

Details on this coming soon!!

I’ll spend the rest of the day with the Husband and try to stay distracted.  We have a wedding tonight so I think I’ll treat myself to some mani/pedi pampering later!

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

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