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Weekend Dessert

I call this a weekend dessert because it won’t last you more than 2 days.  Whether you live alone or with a significant other, or especially if you have kids, this dessert will be eaten in less than 2 days.  I speak the truth because I baked mine last night and now there is none left.

plated 1

One week after a trip to Costco, we still had a ton of apples and pears left uneaten.  The apples wouldn’t go bad, but I knew the pears would be browned and bruised in a few days.  Obviously the only solution is baking:-)  Since I have seen so many apple crisps in the blogworld lately, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make one of my own.

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I had no real agenda and was able to take advantage of the cloudless sky and perfect temperatures with a walk along the west side of Manhattan.  It was my first weekend in MONTHS without an event or travelling.  It was amazing!  And really, there aren’t many things better than a perfect fall day that ends with a warm Apple and Pear Crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.

I used 3 bartlett pears and 3 honeycrisp apples (great deal on those at Costco, fyi) to make a crisp that should serve 6.  We got 4 servings…

apples and pears

You want to thinly slice your fruit so that it will cook to a nice tender texture

You can peel the skin if you want, but I actually prefer it on and it saves a ton of time

cutting fruit

Get out your largest mixing bowl and pour in all of your apples and pearscut up fruit

Top with flour (I used whole wheat)

pouring flour

And sugar

pouring sugar

Of course some cinnamon and a dash of salt

fruit with flour etc

Mix well enough to coat all of the pieces of fruit

fruit mixed

Lay out the filling in a 9×9 pan or baking dish

fruit in pan

Now make your topping with butter, brown sugar, flour and cinnamon

ingredients for topping

Unless you have fancy pastry tools, use a knife to cut the butter into your dry ingredients

mixing topping

Cut until the mixture is full of small lumps and pour it over the apples

fruit with topping

Cook for about an hour when your apples will be tender and the topping is browned


Serve warm with ice cream, obviously

plated 2

Sidenote, any dessert served warm with ice cream is a winner in my book

plated 3

Apple and Pear Crisp

Serves 6



3 large apples*

3 ripe medium pears**

1/4 cup all-purpose flour (I used whole wheat)

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Dash of salt


1/2 cup all-purpose flour (I used whole wheat)

1/2 cup lightly packed brown sugar (light or dark)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

4 ounces (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, chilled


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Thinly slice your fruit, peeling optional

Pour all of your apples and pears into your largest mixing bowl

Stir in the flour, sugar, cinnamon and salt until all fruit is coated

Lay out the filling in a 9×9 pan or baking dish

Now make your topping

Cut your butter into the mixture of brown sugar, flour and cinnamon

Keep cutting until the mixture is full of small lumps and pour it over the apples

Bake for about an hour or until your fruit is tender and the topping is browned

Allow to cool for a few minutes and then serve topped with ice cream and or whipped cream


*honeycrisp worked really well, a mixture of braeburn and granny smith would be good for a sweet and tart combination

**I used bartlett but bosc would also work

Next time I am buying pumpkin ice cream to have with this!

What is your favorite warm dessert?

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